Plugin FAQ:

Q: Where do I get an Access Code for the Eventide UltraChannel plug-in Giveaway?

A: Use coupon code 0F736710

Q: Do I need an iLok to use Eventide Plug-ins?

A: Eventide's Native plug-ins do not require the use of an iLok usb dongle, however they do use PACE's iLok License Manger for authorization which is available from

Q: How many computers can I activate my license on?

A: Using iLok License Manger, you can activate the license in two separate locations, each of which can be either a computer, or an iLok license key. You can move these licenses at any time using PACE's iLok License Manager software.

Q: I'm having trouble registering my plug-in, do you have detailed steps for doing so?

A: Sure, first you need to create an account at and download their iLok License Manager software. Install it on your computer. Once you do this, you can register your plug-in on, which will automatically send a license to your iLok account, and therefore will appear in iLok License Manager. At this point, you can move this license onto your iLok or computer and the plug-in will be authorized and work.

Alternatively, for products that allow computer authorization, after you've installed iLok License Manger and registered the plug-in, you can launch your DAW. Once the DAW scans the installed plug-in it will present a dialog box to install the license on your computer or iLok.

Q: I have registered my plug-ins on, but they are not authorizing on my DAW?

A: In order to authorize your plug-in you need to install the iLok License Manager from and move the license to either your computer or iLok license dongle. Even if you have a licensed iLok plugged in, the iLok License Manager must be installed.

Q: When I register my plug-in I get an "Invalid Serial Number" error. Why is this?

A: There are several reasons you may see this error, but a common one is a mismatch of the serial number format. All Eventide plug-ins have a serial number in the form of XX-###### where XX represents a two letter sequence defining the product type and ###### is a 6 digit number. All plug-ins also have a 16 digit license key in the format ****-****-****-**** where each * can be either a letter or number. The license key is entered on the second page of the registration process.

If you believe your serial number and license key are entered correctly, please contact and we will solve the problem as quickly as possible.

Q: Do H3000 Factory and Blackhole still require iLoks?

A: No, while this was once true, H3000 Factory, Blackhole, 2016 Stereo Room, and Omnipressor are all now able to be authorized on either an iLok, or directly on your computer.

Q: Which formats do your plug-ins support?

A: Our legacy ProTools TDM plug-ins support ProTools HD and HD-Accel on both Mac and Windows. Our native plug-ins including H3000 Factory Native, Blackhole, Omnipressor, and 2016 Stereo Room native plug-ins support AAX32, AAX64, AU, and VST on Mac, and AAX32, AAX64, and VST on Windows.

Q: Are your plug-ins 64 bit compatible?

A: All Eventide native plug-ins are 64 bit compatible with AAX, AU, and VST.

Q: Will you be creating a Mac VST version of all your products?

A: We have now added Mac VST support to the shipping installers for all native plug-ins.

Q: Will there be an AAX64 version of all your products?

A: We have now added AAX64 support to the shipping installers for all native plug-ins.

Q: Which DAWs do you test against?

A: We currently test in house against ProTools 10, ProTools 11, Ableton Live 8, Ableton Live 9, Apple Logic 9, Apple Logic X, and Steinberg Cubase 7. However, in the rare event that users encounter problems with other DAWs we make efforts to investigate. If you experience such problems please inform us in our support forum.

Q: I want to use UltraChannel in a 32-bit environment. What do I do?

A: When you install them it automatically installs both 32 and 64-bit. You can, however, do a custom install of only the 32-bit if you so desire.

Q: What versions of Pro Tools does the UltraChannel plug-in work with?

A: The UltraChannel plug-in is compatible with Pro Tools version 10.3.6 and higher. If you have a version of Pro Tool 10 which is lower than 10.3.6, please use the free upgrade to the latest version of Pro Tools 10.

Q: I have not received an email with my download links, where can I download the UltraChannel plug-in?

A: We've been having some problems with our email server, please find the download links in the registration confirmation page.

Q: My Activation Code isn't working, can you help?

A: We had some problems with activation codes earlier, they should all work now. If your activation code still isn't working please make sure you type zeros, rather than "O"s in the form. Alternatively, you can copy and paste the code from your email.

Q: I'm hearing some clicks when changing presets using particular source audio, is there a problem?

A: Some of the presets have a lot of gain and compression dialed in. When going to or from these presets, and depending on your source audio, you may hear some sounds.

Q: Does the UltraChannel plug-in expire on July 8th?

A: No. The complimentary UltraChannel license has no expiration date. The free giveaway promotion ends at midnight on July 8, 2014. After that it will be available for $249.

Q: Does the UltraChannel have full functionality?

A: Yes it does. Its functionality is not restricted in any way.

Q: What is the catch?

A: We want everyone to get a taste of Eventide plug-ins. We are sure you will be back for more Eventide magic.

Q: My plug-in appears to be installed and authorized correctly, but when I launch my DAW I get the message, "Activation Error - UltraChannel Native; This software cannot be run because the activation experience thinks the authorization was found, but the wrapper could not verify it." Can you help?

A: This is a very rare issue we have seen, and and working toward a resolution. In the mean time this can usually be resolved by deactivating and reactivating your UltraChannel Native license. You can do this by right clicking on the license on your iLok or on your computer and choosing deactivate. Then you can activate the license again by finding it in the available list and moving it to your desired location. It also seems to help to have the most recent version of iLok License Manager from

Q: My UltraChannel plug-in isn't working as an AU plug-in in Presonus Studio One. Can you help?

A: We are aware of this problem and are looking in to it. It does appear to work well as a VST plug-in, so please use it as such while we work on a solution.

Q: My UltraChannel plug-in isn't working in Samplitude 11 Pro X. Can you help?

A: We are aware of this problem as well and are working with Magix toward a solution.

Q: My UltraChannel VST plug-in isn't showing up in my Windows VST host, what might cause this issue?

A: There are not standard VST plug-in folders on Windows and many VST hosts default to different locations. It's therefore important to make sure you install the proper VST plug-in (32 or 64 bit) into the proper folder for your DAW. By default 32 bit Eventide plug-ins install to the c:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Steinberg\VST2 directory and 64 bit Eventide plug-ins install to the c:\Program Files\Common Files\Steinberg\VST2 directory. It is important that your VST host is set to scan the appropriate directory or that you change the installation directory to one that your VST host does scan when installing your Eventide plug-in.

Q: Does my VST host load 32 bit or 64 bit plug-ins?

A: We don't know. You'll have to get this information from your VST host's developer.

Q: I use Logic Audio and I'm getting authorization errors when I try to load your plug-in. Any ideas on how to fix this?

A: Logic Audio uses a tool called the Audio Units Manager to manage the Audio Unit plug-ins it tries to load. Sometimes the Audio Units Manager ends up with old information and it needs to rescan the plug-in. To do this, make sure the plug-in shows as properly authorized in the iLok License Manager and load Logic Audio. Then choose Logic Pro->Preferences->Audio Unit Manager... to load the Audio Unit Manager. Finally find the Eventide plug-in in the Audio Unit Manager, mark the check box, select it, and hit rescan.

Q: My Eventide plug-in loads and runs fine, but I can't find the presets. Any ideas on how to fix this?

A: Eventide has it's own preset format using .tide preset files. By default the installer installs the .tide presets to you Documents/Eventide//Presets folder. It may be necessary to check that the installer has placed the presets in this location. You can load these presets using Eventide's Preset Bar which is part of the plug-in GUI itself. Some hosts have their own preset bars which are used by the host. Eventide's .tide presets will not show up in this preset bar, to load an Eventide Factory Preset you have to use the preset bar which is inside the actual plug-in GUI, usually below the hosts preset bar.