The H9 Platform
Same Pedal, Three Effects Bundle Choices

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The H9 CORE includes pristine pitch and delay effects from the original Harmonizer studio processors, H910 and H949.
The H9 comes loaded with a set of our most popular algorithms taken from Eventide's award-winning stompboxes.
The H9 MAX includes all 45 algorithms and associated presets from Space, TimeFactor, PitchFactor, and Modfactor, plus UltraTap Delay, Resonator, and Compressor EQ.

Number of Effects Algorithms Included
1 (Plus One Free Algorithm Coupon)
9 (Plus One Free Algorithm Coupon)
Effects Algorithms Included
From PitchFactor:


From TimeFactor:

  • Tape Echo
  • Vintage Delay
From ModFactor:

Chorus: (Four Types)

  • Liquid Chorus
  • Organic Chorus
  • Shimmer Chorus
  • Classic Chorus

Tremolo: (Two Types)

  • Bias Tremolo
  • Opto Tremolo


From PitchFactor:

  • H910 / H949
  • Crystals™


From Space:

  • Shimmer
  • Hall


New H9 Exclusives:


64 Delay Taps at Your Command




From TimeFactor:

  • Digital Delay
  • Vintage Delay
  • Tape Echo
  • Mod Delay
  • Ducked Delay
  • Band Delay
  • Filter Pong
  • MultiTap
  • Reverse
  • Looper
From ModFactor:

Chorus (Four Types)
•Liquid Chorus
•Shimmer Chorus
•Organic Chorus
•Classic Chorus

Phaser (Five Types)
•Negative Phaser
•Postive Phaser
•BiPhase Phaser
•Feedback Phaser
•PhaseX0 Phaser

Wah (Four Types)
•WahWah Q-Wah
•Voc-Wah Q-Wah
•Bass Wah
•Bass Vocal Wah

Flanger (Five Types)
•Positive Flanger
•Negative Flanger
•Jet Flanger
•Thru-o Flanger

ModFilter (Three Types)
•Lowpass ModFilter
•HiPass ModFilter
•BandPass ModFilter

Rotary (Two Types)
•Standard Rotary
•Giant Rotary

Tremolo (Two Types)
•Bias Tremolo
•Opto Tremolo

Vibrato (Three Types)
•Modern Vibrato
•Vintage Vibrato
•Retro Vibrato

Undulator (Two Types)
•Pitch Undulator
•Feedback Undulator

Ringmod (Two Types)
•Ring (DC) Ringmod
•String (AC) Ringmod


From PitchFactor:

  • Diatonic
  • PitchFlex™
  • Quadravox™
  • Octaver™
  • HarModulator™
  • Crystals™
  • MicroPitch
  • HarPeggiator™
  • H910 / H949
  • Synthonizer™


From Space:

  • Room
  • Plate
  • Spring
  • Hall
  • Reverse
  • Shimmer
  • ModEchoVerb
  • DualVerb
  • Blackhole™
  • MangledVerb™
  • TremoloVerb
  • DynaVerb


New H9 Exclusives:


64 Delay Taps at Your Command

  • Resonator
  • EQ Compressor
Coupon for Free Algorithm Included
No (Not Applicable)
Tuner Included
Total Number of Algorithms Possible (via H9 Control App)


NOTE: H9 CORE, H9, and H9 MAX all share the same physical Specifications.


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